Your Rights to People and Places

I would’ve gone if my local cinema looked like this! Source

Our task was to go to the movies this week, and observe human interactions and movements. For this assignment, we were to use Torsten Hagerstrand’s “Time Geography” theory as the basis of our observations and research for the excursion – or if we weren’t able to go to the movies, we were to deduce what stopped us. To break it down, Hagerstrand created three constraints to human movement.

  1. Capability – limitations to what individuals are and aren’t capable of doing
  2. Coupling – limitations to when, where, and for how long an individual can join with others to interact
  3. Authority  – limitations to the level of authority and/or permission individuals have to be in a certain place at a certain time

With these three constraints in mind, I deduced that I had capability limitations, in that I had neither the time nor inner will to go see a movie. Also, there just weren’t any good movies on at the time that I could justify spending $15 on (because this is how expensive movies are getting and I just do not like it). Continue reading

Why UOW and Marketing?

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UOW has a little creek running through it; at most places in campus it is there in some capacity!

I think maybe I should go into more detail explaining why I’m doing a Media and Communications degree and why I decided to go to Wollongong. Maybe some of my readers are curious, maybe not, maybe some Yr 11 and 12s want more info on UOW. The story so far –

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Looking at this email makes me even MORE impatient!!

Okay okay, it’s not as if I’ve been waiting THAT long but I’m impatient and incredibly eager to start this process. The wait actually drove me silly enough to start counting the days from the 2nd week of January. Luckily I only got to Day 5 and then got lucky! 🙂 My spirits were dampened considerably when I realised I have to wait another two months for this little journey of mine to get moving.

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Perspectives on Pink Ribbon Day

PRD 2013

Each year, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month , turning shopping centres pink with various products aimed to raise money for research. National Pink Ribbon Day is on the 28th of October. One way to raise money is to have a “Girls’ Night In” where a group of friends gather to have fun and donate money towards the cause.

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