Technology Through Time & Space

Dad wishes! Source

I asked my dad about his most vivid TV memory and he immediately answered that it was the day he bought a surround sound system for the TV. He recalls being amazed at the new technology available, especially for the home. My dad is nuts about technology and seems to literally thrive on the advancements. Our home is filled with computers, tablets, telescopes (he is an avid astronomer as well, and owns a telescope that rivals me in height), multiple laptops, and an enormous TV that only he actually watches. Honestly, I’ve forgotten how to even switch the channel on the TV. Continue reading

Why UOW and Marketing?

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UOW has a little creek running through it; at most places in campus it is there in some capacity!

I think maybe I should go into more detail explaining why I’m doing a Media and Communications degree and why I decided to go to Wollongong. Maybe some of my readers are curious, maybe not, maybe some Yr 11 and 12s want more info on UOW. The story so far –

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Absence Makes the Brain Grow Sharper?


Taking gap years is standard for many Aussie students, with no one batting an eye when a 17 or 18 year old pronounces they want to defer studying and travel or work for a year. It’s now come out that taking gap years may actually be beneficial for students and that their university grades are higher than those of students who didn’t take a gap year. Continue reading