Why UOW and Marketing?

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UOW has a little creek running through it; at most places in campus it is there in some capacity!

I think maybe I should go into more detail explaining why I’m doing a Media and Communications degree and why I decided to go to Wollongong. Maybe some of my readers are curious, maybe not, maybe some Yr 11 and 12s want more info on UOW. The story so far –

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A Forest of a Different Kind

Purple is fun, right? WRONG.

So once the initial excitement of filling out exchange forms has receded, it’s starting to really hit me how much stuff there is to fill out and how much organisation it takes to successfully complete the forms. Firstly I had to pick three unis (done), figure out which subjects I wanted to do and organise my uni timetable around it (done), search subject databases (done; oh my God it was so confusing), send in the subject forms to be reviewed by the Head of School… and now I wait. And whilst I’m waiting, I have even more paperwork to do. Continue reading

Stepping Out of Ye Olde Convict-land

Mt Rose in Reno, NV. I went in January of this year!
Mt Rose in Reno, NV. I went in January of this year!

So wow, I haven’t blogged in a while! Whoops. (Man, I’m not even guilty, I just haven’t been bothered enough.)

So today my post is about my desire to study abroad. Lemme give you a little background: I’ve wanted to do international exchange since I was in Year 10, so for three and a bit years now I’ve had the burning desire to get out of Australia and go to uni in another country. That country would be the US. Honestly, I’d pick Paris or Russia if my university had either partners or English-language courses. They don’t, so America it is! Continue reading

Who Needs Clothes Anyway?

Wow, that girl is wearing the cutest shorts. Oh, look, another amazing dress. Great lipstick shade!

I’m going to admit that my eyes follow the girls who walk past me and I usually have a running commentary going on in my head about what I think of their clothes, hair, make up and whatnot. People watching – okay, more like fashion watching – is one of my favourite things to do as I can get new ideas about what clothes to buy next or what kind of make-up look to experiment with. I’m not the only one, darn it!!

I will also admit that I did spend a fair amount of time agonising over what to wear on my first day of uni and then somehow my carefully laid plans and outfit got thrown aside on Monday morning in favour of shorts and a singlet. Somehow, the morning I was to start my tertiary education (something I’d been fairly keen for for the past two years) I decided not to give a crap. And it’s continued over onto my second day. And you know what? I’m loving it. It’s just so. much. easier. I’m betting that I’ll still be loving it at the end of semester.

So yes, this is my take on fashion at uni and how I never really had anything cool to wear so why start shopping now?

Also, for those curious enough to want to know: uni is going GREAT. I’ve met a few awesome people, have so far enjoyed my lectures and have come home beyond tired. Now I’m off to do something called Start Smart for uni and finish up some readings so I won’t be bogged down with work over the weekend.

Jumping Down the Rabbit Hole

(Am I taking this Alice in Wonderland thing too far? YOLO.)

First day of uni and I find out I need to blog!? Hells yeah! Tweeting and blogging won’t be a problem for this Internet-obsessed chick.

So anyways, my name’s Alice and this is a blog to catalogue all my adventures throughout my time at uni. I’m hoping to not get bored within the first three months, since that always seems to happen to me. This blog will also be used for several uni assignments as I do a Media & Communications course. For my tutors’ reference, I will be tagging those posts under the course name.

Because I have a ridiculously short attention span, I’m not gonna bore you all with a long intro and am just going to give you a couple of  facts about myself!

  • I’m Russian
  • I love to read, so I also review books for a book blog
  • I’m a fitness nut
  • I have a twin sister and we’re frenemies
  • I would love to learn a third language, probably Spanish or Ukrainian

So now that this intro’s over, I’m gonna go have a cup of (green) tea and hurry off to work. (: