When It’s Time to Go

da endOn the eve of my journey home to Australia, I’m feeling relieved and overwhelmed. The past fortnight I’ve been ridiculously homesick and just wishing to be back on my homeland and hear the familiar and comforting Aussie accents. It’s not that my time in America has been awful, but it’s time for me to make my way home because I’ve realised that no matter how many grouches I have with Australia, it’ll always be my home and I’ll always want to return.

The past five months have been incredible for me and I have so many memories I want to cherish and never let go of. I’ve tried to preserve some of them within this blog, but there are so many things that this blog can’t be privy to and I’ll have to attempt to sear every second of my exchange trip into my head. Even the bad bits!

I have one thing to say to everyone that I’ve met on my travels and every single new and precious friend I’ve made: thank you so much for making this trip the best thing I ever did. Thank you all so much for befriending the girl with the constant resting bitch face and thank you so much for being so hospitable and hilarious and generous. 😍😚😌💋

Representing UOW felt awesome, my love for my uni has only grown.
Some statistics:

  • 4: number of times I cried
  • 50+: new friends I made
  • maybe 5: arguments I had with my roommate
  • 7: amazing strangers that I now know as my suitemates that made my life so much better
  • 8: US states I’ve been to
  • 100+: phonecalls made to my family
  • 7: flights I’ve been on
  • 12: suitcases I’ll need to bring all my stuff home (jks)
  • 1: major travel bug that’s bitten me
  • 0: regrets

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I Am So Very Popular, Look at These Stats for 2014

To show how much people loved my blog, here’s a cute little statistics report. I’m totally not in denial that I suck and this is very clearly a boring blog. 😂😂😂😂

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Doing Stuff By Yourself – And Why It’s Not Bad

987The comfort and security of having friends around you is great, but what happens when those friends aren’t there, or they’re not interested in going to this or that event that you so badly want to go to? Do you resign yourself to a night spent re-reading a book in bed and hoping the DVD comes out soon? Nuh-uh! You go do that thing by yourself. And doing that thing alone isn’t as painful as it may seem to be. Continue reading

Never Trust American Airlines

The aeroplane that actually left the airport on time. (So definitely not AA.)
The aeroplane that actually left the airport on time. (So definitely not AA.)

Booking your plane/bus/train tickets to wherever you’re travelling seems to cement the trip into being. It’s gonna happen and you’re super duper excited even though you have to wait like 35 months. The wait seems like ages but it’ll fly by so in what feels like only a week, you’ll be standing outside the airport/bus station/train station with tickets in hand and an eagerness to start the journey.

Enter American Airlines. Continue reading

The Aforementioned 4am Call to UNC

I won’t leave this under the cut because YOU ALL NEED TO LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES.

So I’m a fucken idiot. I also blame my uni for at least 20% of this mistake.

19th Feb 2013: So here I was at 3am, browsing through UNC exchange student reports (I’d had a nap earlier and wasn’t tired, whoops). I come across a document by UNC itself giving an overview of exchange info and there I see it: it says that only the College of Arts and Sciences is open to exchange students. Now this was written on the sheet listing all the host unis that UOW has, BUT – UNC-CH only has that constraint listed in brackets outside of the NC system. There is no such restriction listed within the NC system, so I thought I could choose subjects within whatever faculty I wanted if I applied within the system. Thanks, UOW.

You know that hot-and-cold feeling you experience when a huge bolt of SHITFUCKFUCKSHIT hits you?


So here I am, panicking because WHAT DO I DO?? Do I have time to change host unis?? Is there a way I can get around this?

Heading to the Study Abroad webpage at UNC, I find the number and thank God that I’m awake currently (for them it’d be 11am) and that I was awake at ALL to discover this little nugget of info. If not, I wouldn’t have found out until too late. The nap is responsible for my amazing fortune.

I call them and I’m transferred to a very helpful woman who explains to me that if my major is within a certain faculty, I can do one subject in it. Thankfully, the only JOMC subject needed to do was Intro to PR, so happily I can still do it. She then tells me I can only apply in person because it would require paperwork and admin stuff and so I hurry off to find the contact details of the professor who teaches the subject and ask him how fast the class fills up and if there would be spots left in the middle of August. AND HE TELLS ME THAT YES THERE WILL BE.

So uhh… it’s all fine guys. I mean, I have a few extra grey hairs and a weak heart now, but EXCHANGE IS STILL ON. The only major change is that instead of taking an extra Communications elective, I’ll be doing Ancient History instead! It’ll coincide nicely with my Classical Mythology class!

DC Shows and Movies Masterpost

So guys, I decided to be super helpful and link you all to this masterpost of almost every DC movie and show, both animated and live-action.

Disclaimer: I in no way advocate illegally downloading or streaming shows because showing support through monetary means is a great way of ensuring the continuous creation of MORE amazing shows and movies, but some of us just don’t have the money to buy ALL the shows/movies or they’re inaccessible where you live (case in point: Australia has yet to start showing the second season of Arrow and I am NOT waiting an entire year to watch the show legally. Sorry not sorry). If you like some of the movies/shows, please buy a DVD or two!