GoldieBlox and the Three (Million) Shares

GoldieBlox is a construction toy for “future engineers”. It’s targeted at young girls rather than young boys and this is what caused such a huge media frenzy when its official commercial was released during the 2013 SuperBowl. That it used the Beastie Boys’ song “Girls” also helped, as it caused a media stir-up when news came out that GoldieBlox was sued for using the song, despite it being a parody version. GoldieBlox’s successful viral advertisement did wonders for their sales, as they were sold out within days of airing the ad. Websites like Slate, Forbes and Time all published articles on the toys. Continue reading

Moon Moon – An Insult or Mere Joke?

moon moon originsThe Moon Moon meme sprung up in mid-April 2013 when an Internet name generator to find a person’s werewolf name led to Tumblr user Kitchiki discovering that their werewolf name was “Moon Moon”. Remarking how they would be the “most retarded” wolf in the pack, it prompted Tumblr user Frukass to reblog and add a comic about a wolf pack hunting and Moon Moon ruining it by barging through. The post spread like wildfire and has acquired more than 250,000 notes (likes or reblogs) on Tumblr, as well as garnering its own Twitter account and a Facebook page. Continue reading