My First (And Probably Last) Thanksgiving

1450I decided to go on exchange in the autumn semester for a few reasons, many of them being the holidays that America celebrates that us Aussies never get quite as excited about. Halloween (on Facebook, someone posted how they wished Halloween was illegal in Australia??), Thanksgiving (for obvious reasons), and Christmas (we do celebrate it but commercially America stomps on us). So it was awesome being able to spend Thanksgiving with an actual American family rather than being stuck in my dorm all week sulking. I have to thank my suitemate Jordan for the invite, and I’m ridiculously grateful because I had such a great time. Continue reading

Doing Stuff By Yourself – And Why It’s Not Bad

987The comfort and security of having friends around you is great, but what happens when those friends aren’t there, or they’re not interested in going to this or that event that you so badly want to go to? Do you resign yourself to a night spent re-reading a book in bed and hoping the DVD comes out soon? Nuh-uh! You go do that thing by yourself. And doing that thing alone isn’t as painful as it may seem to be. Continue reading