Australian Universities vs American Universities


How different can the US be? I chortled to myself as I picked out my subjects in April. The best difference, in my opinion, was that UNC’s classes were more plentiful and far more interesting than at UOW. I could take Astronomy, Geography (which didn’t require lab hours) and a whole heap of languages other than the standard Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese.

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Australian vs American Culture, Young Adult Edition


Despite having watched and read a millions books and movie set in the US, some of the habits and goings-on here shock me. Others I love. Some I wish would burn in hell. Sometimes I want to go back home to my fellow Aussies and embrace the Tim Tams and familiar accents. Below is a list of cultural differences that I’ve noticed.

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30 Days and 30 Nights

Oh UOW, how you call to me!

Tomorrow marks the one month anniversary that I’ve been here at UNC and I can say that I’ve finally settled into a routine. Some things that aren’t yet a routine:

  • cleaning my dishes on time
  • homework (hello, realisation at 1am that I’ve got Russian HW due)
  • reading for Classical Mythology (so, so much, in the poetry form that I loathe)

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There Are Just Some Things…

IMG_4681As I’m typing this, we’re very close to a storm and it’s been sprinkling on and off here at Chapel Hill. The weather so far has been so hot and humid (above 30C every day for the past 3 weeks, no lie) with very little rain, so I’m super keen for it to rain as the place can be a bit refreshed. I love this heat and super glad that I didn’t miss it (two summers this year, wooo) but man I need a break! Continue reading