The Fortnightly Tales


Sweet Caroline
Good times never seemed so good
I’ve been inclined
To believe they never would

I wish I could say that I miss my family and that there are times I regret coming to Carolina since it means I won’t see them and all my friends for five months, but I can’t lie. Homesickness hasn’t hit me yet and I hope it stays away until the day I leave for Australia!

My fortnight in the US has been so hectic and full-on that I’ve barely had time to get away and have a few hours to myself. Of course, I spend time in my room but that involves studying and watching TV and chatting with my parents and sister on FaceTime (oh Apple, my sweet love). It’s still so unreal that I’m here after years of dreaming and hoping and then eight months of waiting and paperwork. Continue reading

UNC Chillin’

Outside Rams Head Dining Hall
Exchange is finally here!! I arrived at UNC on the 16th and have been loving it so far! Lots of text after the break about how it’s all been, so if you’re curious then just click that read more button! Continue reading