Final Pre-Departure Session

Literally 20m away from that pot of gold. Seen two minutes before I left for uni.
So on the morning of 10th June, I set off to UOW with two friends to go to the final session. I was heaps keen because I love all this informational stuff about exchange, I eagerly await any communication from UNC, I read every pamphlet… I geek out about this. It turns out I geek out too much because this exchange session was long and boring because I already knew everything. It was so annoying listening to all the dumb questions from people too lazy to Google that shit.

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Exchange: 2.5 Months Left!

Source: Ravi Vora

I have been very inactive lately, mostly because nothing’s really been happening and also a personal problem.

Organised stuff:

Stuff still left to do:

  • Visa (interview is next week)
  • Hitting my savings goal (so close, yet so far – less than $1k to go)
  • OS-HELP finalisation
  • Pass all my classes (which I will, seriously!)

My next post will be about the Final Pre-Departure Session that being held on 10th June!