My USA/UNC Bucket List

unc football game
Go Heels! Credit: Lauren Kostenberger

Did you know that the term “bucket list” was coined from the phrase kick the bucket ‘die’, popularised by the 2007 film The Bucket List? (Thank you, Google definitions!)

UNC has this famous bucket list and I also have my own bucket list for America, so I thought I’d put them together with all the stuff I wanted to do! Some things I decided not to do due to restrictions on time and me being here only for one semester, as well as how interested I was in doing some of them. Bolded are the things I’m really keen to do!

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GoldieBlox and the Three (Million) Shares

GoldieBlox is a construction toy for “future engineers”. It’s targeted at young girls rather than young boys and this is what caused such a huge media frenzy when its official commercial was released during the 2013 SuperBowl. That it used the Beastie Boys’ song “Girls” also helped, as it caused a media stir-up when news came out that GoldieBlox was sued for using the song, despite it being a parody version. GoldieBlox’s successful viral advertisement did wonders for their sales, as they were sold out within days of airing the ad. Websites like Slate, Forbes and Time all published articles on the toys. Continue reading

Never Trust American Airlines

The aeroplane that actually left the airport on time. (So definitely not AA.)
The aeroplane that actually left the airport on time. (So definitely not AA.)

Booking your plane/bus/train tickets to wherever you’re travelling seems to cement the trip into being. It’s gonna happen and you’re super duper excited even though you have to wait like 35 months. The wait seems like ages but it’ll fly by so in what feels like only a week, you’ll be standing outside the airport/bus station/train station with tickets in hand and an eagerness to start the journey.

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Classes & Time Zones


So we all know that I’ve been officially accepted to UNC, but I thought I’d share this part of their email with you. Lil history lesson for us all. Read under the cut for all the interesting stuff about enrolling in classes at UNC! 😀
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Alan Jones and Gina Rinehart to receive Knighthood under new Order of Australia Honours.

Silently shaking in class and trying not to laugh-slash-cry.


There’s no doubt Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s reintroduction of ‘knight’ and ‘dame’ into the Australian lexicon has been a controversial one, but a surprising new appointment has swayed detractors. Formerly strident critics of the new Order of Australia Honours today rescinded their comments upon hearing the latest of the possible four appointments: radio shock jock Alan Jones and mining matriarch Gina Rinehart.

“It is a fitting honour,” the Prime Minister said in a press conference statement this morning. “They have both considered the proposed honour and happily accepted.”

The announcement came as no surprise to the 2GB host, who told a Bullsh!t source he “always knew it was coming.”

“The Australian people have been clamouring for this for years,” Mr Jones confided. “It’s a recognition of old-fashioned, true-blue Aussie achievement.”

Ms. Rinehart couldn’t be contacted for comment, but was said by a close friend to be ‘overjoyed’.


Meanwhile, prominent politicians…

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