Moon Moon – An Insult or Mere Joke?

moon moon originsThe Moon Moon meme sprung up in mid-April 2013 when an Internet name generator to find a person’s werewolf name led to Tumblr user Kitchiki discovering that their werewolf name was “Moon Moon”. Remarking how they would be the “most retarded” wolf in the pack, it prompted Tumblr user Frukass to reblog and add a comic about a wolf pack hunting and Moon Moon ruining it by barging through. The post spread like wildfire and has acquired more than 250,000 notes (likes or reblogs) on Tumblr, as well as garnering its own Twitter account and a Facebook page. Continue reading

Reppin’ the Carolina Blue!


So I officially got accepted into UNC’s exchange program!

And you guys should really read about my day because it’s gonna be seared into my memory for a long time. This happened on the 22nd of March, but I scheduled this post for a little while later so as not to clog up your feeds. 🙂

Saturday was amounting to be very crap because my next-door neighbour has no volume control on her mouth and everything she says comes out like she’s got a giant megaphone shoved down her throat. I’d gone to bed in the early hours of the morning and I wasn’t in the mood to listen to my neighbour talk about her stupid plumbing issues to some poor plumber at 8am right outside my window. Her voice literally floated through my dreams and if I wasn’t so dead tired I’d have marched out of the house and told her to keep it down.

A little after 9am, I get a text and I check my phone with one eye shut and drool on my chin (I feel so sorry for the guy who’ll have to wake up next to me every morning) and then groggily realise: it’s about UNC. My friend (whom I met at the Pre-Dep Sesh earlier this month) got accepted into their exchange program and was asking me whether I’d gotten in.

My reply? (After I rushed to check online, which is so hard to do when you’re half asleep and still have blurry vision!)

“Me too!!!!!!”

In honour of me becoming a Tar Heel for 6 months, I invite you to listen to my current “AMERICA OH MY GOD” song. Whenever I listen to it, it makes me think of exchange and how amazing it’ll be!

1st Pre-Departure Session

uow exchange
Taken from UOW’s Exchange webpage.

So I had my 1st Pre-Departure Session on Tuesday 4th March. It was perfect and exciting and I’m even more eager to go on exchange now. The entire time I was sitting there, surrounded by around 70-80 other future exchangees, I was trying to stop myself from jumping up and down and laughing from excitement.

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The Aforementioned 4am Call to UNC

I won’t leave this under the cut because YOU ALL NEED TO LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES.

So I’m a fucken idiot. I also blame my uni for at least 20% of this mistake.

19th Feb 2013: So here I was at 3am, browsing through UNC exchange student reports (I’d had a nap earlier and wasn’t tired, whoops). I come across a document by UNC itself giving an overview of exchange info and there I see it: it says that only the College of Arts and Sciences is open to exchange students. Now this was written on the sheet listing all the host unis that UOW has, BUT – UNC-CH only has that constraint listed in brackets outside of the NC system. There is no such restriction listed within the NC system, so I thought I could choose subjects within whatever faculty I wanted if I applied within the system. Thanks, UOW.

You know that hot-and-cold feeling you experience when a huge bolt of SHITFUCKFUCKSHIT hits you?


So here I am, panicking because WHAT DO I DO?? Do I have time to change host unis?? Is there a way I can get around this?

Heading to the Study Abroad webpage at UNC, I find the number and thank God that I’m awake currently (for them it’d be 11am) and that I was awake at ALL to discover this little nugget of info. If not, I wouldn’t have found out until too late. The nap is responsible for my amazing fortune.

I call them and I’m transferred to a very helpful woman who explains to me that if my major is within a certain faculty, I can do one subject in it. Thankfully, the only JOMC subject needed to do was Intro to PR, so happily I can still do it. She then tells me I can only apply in person because it would require paperwork and admin stuff and so I hurry off to find the contact details of the professor who teaches the subject and ask him how fast the class fills up and if there would be spots left in the middle of August. AND HE TELLS ME THAT YES THERE WILL BE.

So uhh… it’s all fine guys. I mean, I have a few extra grey hairs and a weak heart now, but EXCHANGE IS STILL ON. The only major change is that instead of taking an extra Communications elective, I’ll be doing Ancient History instead! It’ll coincide nicely with my Classical Mythology class!

What Do I Study During Exchange?

studyHell of a question, I know. I went through the same problem, having to figure out what subjects to take at my host university. It’s hard decision and it takes a LOT of planning in some cases! Grab a cuppa and settle in because this is gonna be a long post, guys!

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Yosemite; Jared Atkins.
Click for a link to his Flickr.

So some of you guys might be curious as to what I’m planning to do whilst on exchange. Apart from studying, obviously, and drinking illegally and meeting hot farm boys. Clearly I’m not gonna stay at the uni the entire time, and I’ll have a few opportunities to travel. The photo above might give you a little hint as to where I want to go.

You’ll be able to tell there’s a certain theme to all the places I want to travel: books! I’m a giant bookworm and several books I’ve read have inspired a great urge to travel to the destinations within each one.

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