How Do I Email My Host Uni?

I think most of us do know how to write emails but need a reminder how to do so professionally and politely. I’ve had to email several professors at different universities and at first I was like “?????” because I had no clue how to start the email! There’s a sample email at the bottom so you can see how you might go about this yourself. Continue reading

Where Do I Go to Study Abroad?


Maybe the hardest part of exchange is narrowing down where you want to go out of literally hundreds of options. Paris? London? Ireland? The moon?

Personally, the deciding factor for me had been years in the making: America. After reading so many books set in America, I wanted to experience it myself. I wanted to go a huge college footy game and I wanted to do a cross-country road trip. Continue reading

DC Shows and Movies Masterpost

So guys, I decided to be super helpful and link you all to this masterpost of almost every DC movie and show, both animated and live-action.

Disclaimer: I in no way advocate illegally downloading or streaming shows because showing support through monetary means is a great way of ensuring the continuous creation of MORE amazing shows and movies, but some of us just don’t have the money to buy ALL the shows/movies or they’re inaccessible where you live (case in point: Australia has yet to start showing the second season of Arrow and I am NOT waiting an entire year to watch the show legally. Sorry not sorry). If you like some of the movies/shows, please buy a DVD or two!