A PSA About Nasal Decongestant Sprays

dimetapp NSThis isn’t something I would usually post but today is the anniversary of the last time I used the above nasal decongestant and I felt like commemorating it with an educational post. On the 31st of January 2013, my enrolment day at UOW, I quit using medicated nasal sprays. It’s a big day because for the past two years I’d been dependent on them. I couldn’t go 3-4 hours without using it and couldn’t leave the house without my spray because my nose would be so blocked I couldn’t breathe until I’d used the spray. I bought a new one once a fortnight and kept spares in my bag, in the car, in my bedroom. Continue reading

The Hidden Costs of International Exchange

362356-australian-moneySo we all know how expensive going on international exchange is. You have to worry about flights (this is especially a concern for Aussies as getting just about anywhere outside of Australia is very pricey), how much accommodation and food is gonna cost, how much your textbooks will cost, etc. Stuff that you can easily think of when you go on exchange, the “visible”, material costs. But what about things that aren’t as obvious that will make a dent in your budget? Continue reading

Why UOW and Marketing?

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UOW has a little creek running through it; at most places in campus it is there in some capacity!

I think maybe I should go into more detail explaining why I’m doing a Media and Communications degree and why I decided to go to Wollongong. Maybe some of my readers are curious, maybe not, maybe some Yr 11 and 12s want more info on UOW. The story so far –

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Looking at this email makes me even MORE impatient!!

Okay okay, it’s not as if I’ve been waiting THAT long but I’m impatient and incredibly eager to start this process. The wait actually drove me silly enough to start counting the days from the 2nd week of January. Luckily I only got to Day 5 and then got lucky! 🙂 My spirits were dampened considerably when I realised I have to wait another two months for this little journey of mine to get moving.

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Society6 iPhone 5C Case Review

today is the day KF
“Today is the day!” – Wally West, Kid Flash aka Kid Dork

Another update: Last night, 18th May, I dropped my phone down my driveway and the case popped off and my phone was left unprotected as it slid, on its screen, down my steep drive. So thanks for nothing, phone case. I need to buy a sturdier one. Do not buy if you drop your phone often!!

Update: As of now, late April, this case has cracks in several places, none of them acquired through any serious trauma. I have yet to drop my phone more than 20cm and it hasn’t been treated badly, but the phone case will soon be too cracked to hold my phone (the cracks are along the corners and has loosened its tightness around my phone, as best as I can describe it). I love the phone case but it’s not worth the $35 I paid for it considering it’s barely 5 months old and already at the end of its life.

I searched far and wide for a review of Society6’s new iPhone 5C cases but haven’t found any, so I figured I’d review it here so others can check it out and make a smarter decision when purchasing a case for their phone. Continue reading

The art of food-snobbery

New Year’s Resolution: Be nice to people about what they eat.
It’s common courtesy!


It has come to my attention that people like to get outraged about a lot of things, things that they actually have no right to be so emotional about. One of these things is food and people’s food choices.

Since it’s the new year and you’ve written those all-important resolutions, you might want to add this onto your list; I’ve made a small list of reasons about why being so invested in people’s food choices isn’t the way to be happy, how not to be annoying about your new diet and also some pointers in case you happen to encounter someone who is a snob about their food.

Will the fact that someone doesn’t eat pork/rice/gluten/dairy/red food really make a difference in your life?

So your friend is Jewish and eats strictly kosher. Maybe they’re severely lactose intolerant. Maybe their favourite colour is blue and all they want to eat…

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