Christmas Came Early

unc ch offer
Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s Christmas eve currently (it really is eve, too – 7.13pm) and I got my present early (my beloved blue iPhone 5C arrived in the mail a fortnight ago) so I’m not expecting anything tomorrow morning. And you know what? That’s okay – BECAUSE MY CHRISTMAS HAS BEEN MADE!! Any efforts to make it better are welcome but I doubt anyone else can top this.

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Exchange Interview at UOW

So I had my interview today at UOW. I was emailed a week before, the time was chosen without asking me. Of course, if I was unavailable I would have called in and asked to move the interview to a different time.

I travelled an hour to the uni, it took me two hours to get back home due to the shit-hole that is Sydney Trains (timetable changes mean that my train arrives two minutes after my bus home leaves, so I had to wait an extra half hour for the bus and it was late and… shitty public transport in a nutshell) for an interview that lasted 8 minutes. I was called in at 11.48am and left at 11.56am. Continue reading