Paperwork Adventure: DONE

usa adventures instaI’ve gotten all of my paperwork sorted! It’s taken me ages – in fact, my friend Sharon started later than me and handed hers in a fortnight ago. She always does stuff faster than me! I stayed up all night trying to find another subject to take for specified credit because God damn it, nothing ever goes well for me and one of the subjects I chose happens to be very popular at UNC Chapel Hill and has a long waiting list. I’m running only on the powers of strong Earl Grey tea (yum). Continue reading

Biggest Change of Mind Ever

unc about

AKA I’m the most unreliable person in this entire world.

My exchange trip was all planned, my three university choices picked and my 500-word statement done, my financial statement all but complete… and then it hit me. I didn’t actually REALLY want to go to any of my choices. Continue reading

Profile: Stacey McManus

Stacey (sitting) surrounded by her team mates after being injured in the last innings. Photo: Alice Antonov

Australia’s had very good luck playing softball internationally and one of the players who represents our country on the national team, Aussie Spirit, was kind enough to let me interview her. Local Shire girl Stacey McManus, 24, has represented Australia for three consecutive years and juggles a job, playing with three teams (locally, state and nationally), coaching and her education successfully. Continue reading

Photo Story: Sutherland Shire Softball

A popular sport amongst young girls and boys, softball has started its season again in the Sutherland Shire (it’s Week 6), with local clubs playing weekly each Saturday on the Captain Cook Oval. More often ignored for more popular sports such as netball and football, the focus on softball should be raised as it’s a sport for all skill levels and ages.

At the 12:30pm A Grade game on Diamond 1, the Southern Storm played the Endeavour Wave. The score was 7-6 to the Wave. Continue reading