Perspectives on Pink Ribbon Day

PRD 2013

Each year, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month , turning shopping centres pink with various products aimed to raise money for research. National Pink Ribbon Day is on the 28th of October. One way to raise money is to have a “Girls’ Night In” where a group of friends gather to have fun and donate money towards the cause.

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The Hard Road to Peace

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Relations with the Indigenous Australian community have never been easy and the release of the new modern-crime movie Mystery Road coincidentally ties together with Canada’s Reconciliation Week, in which Aboriginal Australians meet with Aboriginal Canadians who were treated much the same by settlers. Continue reading

Shire Water Quality Leads to Unhappy Residents

Source: The Budget Wanderers
Source: The Budget Wanderers

The State of the Beaches report for 2012-2013 has been published with some poor results regarding a few beaches, estuaries and lakes in southern Sydney. The Sutherland Shire, or “God’s country”, is known for its beauty and questionable opinions on certain races of people. Its well-known Cronulla beaches are visited year-round by tourists, but residents had a somewhat rude awakening as beaches within Gymea and Oatley have been rated poorly. Continue reading

A Much-Needed Break

The sunsets are always gorgeous here.

So ten weeks into uni, I finally get my week off! I decided to spend it not on the beach but working my butt off at a camp for kids. I’m a bit stupid, I reckon! I enjoyed the week away from home, despite being on my feet for ages and having to cater to teenagers who had no concept of manners. Every night I’d collapse into my too-narrow bed with my feet aching and most mornings I’d wake up with the sun at the butt crack of dawn. And you know what? I’d do it again. Continue reading

Absence Makes the Brain Grow Sharper?


Taking gap years is standard for many Aussie students, with no one batting an eye when a 17 or 18 year old pronounces they want to defer studying and travel or work for a year. It’s now come out that taking gap years may actually be beneficial for students and that their university grades are higher than those of students who didn’t take a gap year. Continue reading