A Forest of a Different Kind

Purple is fun, right? WRONG.

So once the initial excitement of filling out exchange forms has receded, it’s starting to really hit me how much stuff there is to fill out and how much organisation it takes to successfully complete the forms. Firstly I had to pick three unis (done), figure out which subjects I wanted to do and organise my uni timetable around it (done), search subject databases (done; oh my God it was so confusing), send in the subject forms to be reviewed by the Head of School… and now I wait. And whilst I’m waiting, I have even more paperwork to do. Continue reading

Hello to JOUR101

So I’m taking another blogging-required subject this semester. JOUR101: Introduction to Journalism. I’ve made a new category for the subject so that’s where you’ll find all of my blogging for Journalism.

I have an assignment on blogging for this topic, so expect to see a tonne of posts about whatever it is I’ll be blogging about.